Capell-Huff Home

Highway 41 South

This two-story, plantation home was built circa 1850. It has an unusual design for the plantation house architecture for the antebellum period. The house design is attributed to local builder William T. Mathews. Features of the house include an unusual “umbrella”-type hipped roof that deeply overhangs the upper story and extends over a broad wraparound porch on the front and sides. The porch is supported by slender widely spaced columns on brick pedestals (square outer columns and octagonal inner columns). On the front of the house is a gable with a wide segmental arch that frames a balcony located on the second floor. An ell was added to the NW rear of the house around 1900. The house was renovated and restored beginning in 1979. This house was recorded in the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) in 1937. It is featured in The Alabama Catalog, A Guide to the Early Architecture of the State, by Robert Gamble.

The Capell-Huff House is located on the west side of Ala Hwy 41 approximately 5.6 miles southwest of Camden, AL in the community of Pebble Hill (GPS coordinates 31.935711, -87.347677).

This is a private residence – drive by only.

Source: The Alabama Catalog, A Guide to the Early Architecture of the State by Robert Gamble



Taken in the 1930’s.