Cook Hill

Circa 1839

For over a century and a half the gracious plantation home atop Cook Hill has sheltered generations of the Cook family and has offered hospitality to their guests.

The two-story house with its long single-story veranda and its uncluttered lines suggests Carolina architecture. Simplicity, spaciousness, and sturdy workmanship are reflected throughout the great house.

Inside are the original wide pine flooring, the imported English hardware on the double-cross doors, the plaster with its native mosses and sands, wainscoating and stairway details. On the walls are framed documents and mementoes dating before the War Between the States.

The cradle that has held five generations of descendants of Daniel and Martha Norwood Cook (builders and original occupants of Cook Hill) stands at the foot of a massive mahogany bed brought by covered wagon from North Carolina to Wilcox County in the 1820’s.

Cook Hill is now the home of Mrs. Heustis Cook.