Jones-Liddell-Sessions Home

Circa 1830
Camden, Alabama






This home located at 316 Broad Street in Camden was built by Dr. Wolfe in the late 1830’s. The original portion of the home now includes the nucleus of the family living quarters. The home was purchased by John Gordon McArthrur in 1853, who in turn sold the property to Samuel B. Mathews in 1856. A year later Mr. McArthur sold the home to Major Francis Boykin, II of Tilden. The piazza,, central hall, and large drawing rooms were added by him. These additions show Greek Revival influences in the woodwork and other features. Later additions included the windowed porches along each side of the original construction. Major Boykin, born in Conecuh County in 1818, and who owned large plantations in Dallas and Wilcox Counties, reportedly moved to Camden so that his daughters could be educated here. Major Boykin’s daughter Camilla and here husband J. Paul Jones became the owners in the late 1870’s. Their son, Dr. J. Heustis Jones and wife Minnie Miller lived there after their marriage in 1907. Mr. And Mrs. Howell Lee bought the home in 1979, prior to which it had remained in the Boykin family for 122 years. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Shattuck purchased the home in 1986, and then sold it to Jane and David Liddell in 1990. Darryl and Lori Sessions have been the owners of this beautiful home since 2002.