Liddell-Burford Home

Arthur Pendleton Bagby, who served two terms as Governor of Alabama (1837 and 1839) and later as a U. S. Senator, moved to Camden in 1853. He contracted with Henry F. Cook to build a home “befitting a man of position”. They agreed to a price of $3,750 to be paid in three installments. Unfortunately, Bagby could not make the payments and the property was sold at public auction to Thomas King Beck to satisfy Mr. Cook’s lien. (Beck was the nephew of Vice President William Rufus King.) This two-story house features square box columns, a hallmark of Cook, and has supporting timbers which are secured by mortised joints and wooden pegs. The floors are 6-inch pine.

Photo taken in the 1930’s.

This house is located on Broad Street at Camden, AL (GPs coordinates N31.999556,W87.298417).

Source: Wilcox County Historical Society