Wilcox County Courthouse

The Wilcox County Courthouse was built in 1858 by Alexander J. Bragg, brother of the builder of the Bragg-Mitchell home in Mobile.  The Greek Revival structure is known architecturally for its four massive Doric columns and balustrade wrought iron steps leading to the second floor central doorway. After the civil war, the courthouse was dedicated in honor of Enoch Hooper Cook, a local confederate veteran whose six sons died in action during the war. It is one of only six antebellum court houses still in use in the South and one of four in the state.

The Wilcox County Library is located on the second floor of the Wilcox County Courthouse. It has about 33,000 volumes, plus audio and video tapes, and internet access. The county library also has branches in Pine Apple and Pine Hill. The first floor houses the office of the probate judge and tax assessor.

Photo from the 1930’s.









This courthouse is located at downtown Camden, AL (GPS coordinates:  N31.991167,W87.289250).