Crappie Derby Results

The 2012 Wilcox Area Chamber Crappie Derby ended on May 13th.  During the 30-day contest there were 19 tagged fish caught plus one from a prior year’s event.  None of the “big money” fish were caught during the event.  Four of the fish were redeamed for $250 each, fifteen of the fish were redeamed for $100 each, and the prior year’s tagged fish was worth $50.
“Overall this was our second best year for tagged fish catches,” said Director William Malone.  “We had consistent water levels throughout the Derby and the fishermen report pretty good results on the lake this spring.  Out of the 200 fish that were tagged, catching 9.5% of them is very impressive.  2010 was our only better year with 21 fish caught during that Derby.
The dates of the catches, winners, and amounts are as follows:  4/12/12 Vic Dunagan ($100), Lowell Baggett ($250); 4/18/12 Wilda Brown ($100; 4/21/12 Bruce Flowers ($100), John Paul Harvell ($250), Pat Paparella ($100); 4/25/12 Joe Harvell ($100); 4/27/12 Lowell Baggett ($50); 4/28/12 Robert L. Boykin, Jr. ($100), Trellis Love ($100), Joe Harvell $250); 4/29/12 Ken Ricketts ($250), Clarence Johnson ($100); 5/2/12 Patricia Webb ($100); 5/7/12 Patricia Webb ($100); 5/8/12 Jeremiah Armstrong ($100); 5/9/12 Jim Williams ($100); 5/10/12 Joe Harvell ($100); 5/12/2012 Ken Ricketts ($100); and 5/13/12 Carolyn Thornton ($100).