Derby Update – Day 14 – April 26

It has been a busy day for the Derby!  Patricia Webb reported the first tagged fish of the day this morning, a 2012 tag that was worth $50.  Next came Calvett Pettis of Brewton who had one of the double tagged $5000 fish, caught in Foster’s Creek this morning.  This afternoon Christine Parker of Loxley caught a 2012 tagged fish worth $50.  Later this afternoon an angler without a Derby entry ticke…t reported a 2013 tag fish catch that would have been worth $750 had the angler entered the Derby.  Later in the evening an angler called to report he had a 2013 tag but had already fileted half the fish.  The rules state the fish must be presented alive, therefore, it was not eligible.  We are still looking for the 15th fish worth $750.  Saturday is going to be a good day for someone!
Take a break from the lake on Saturday and come to the Chamber’s BBQ cookoff on the courthouse square in Camden from 11  to 2pm.  Lots of great BBQ and fun!