Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce is Hiring…

Posted July 2017


Executive Director, Camden, AL                     

[Full time]   $26,500 – $31,500
Annual Salary Range

The Wilcox Chamber of Commerce Executive Director identifies and coordinates programs and activities, which enhance the general welfare and quality of life of the communities within Wilcox County; promotes and advances tourism opportunities; and encourages the growth within the business networks of the area.

The Executive Director is responsible for written and oral communication with the business community and members of the Chamber, fund raising efforts of the Chamber, development, execution, and documentation of Chamber projects in the Wilcox area. The Executive Director is the principal, on-site staff person responsible for coordinating all Chamber project activities locally and representing the community regionally and nationally. When applicable, the Executive Director will work cooperatively on joint projects with the President of the Chamber, Board Members of the Chamber, and volunteers.

Successful candidates will have:

  • Associates Degree Required. 4 year College Degree and/or 3-5 years of related experience (supervisory, event planning & execution, grant writing, public speaking, volunteer management, fundraising) highly preferred.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Fundraising experience highly preferred
  • Ability to work with Microsoft Office Suite and multiple Social Media outlets
  • Flexibility to work irregular hours and weekends
  • Ability to reside in Wilcox County while employed as Executive Director of the Chamber.


Applicants should send a resume and cover letter outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position to wilcoxworks1@gmail.com by July 21st, 2017. 

 Resumes may also be mailed or delivered in person to:

Wilcox Works
223-A Claiborne St
Camden, AL 36726.

While we sincerely appreciate all applications, only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted by July 26th.



Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce

Job Description




The Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce Director is responsible for identifying and coordinating programs and activities which: (1) advance the general welfare and quality of life of the communities within Wilcox County; (2) promote and advance tourism opportunities; and (3) encourage growth within the business ecosystem of the area.


Understand completely the issues confronting businesses, property owners, public agencies, community organizations, and citizens as related to the aforementioned objective. Independently engage in addressing these issues for the betterment of overall community.

Coordinate, as the principal on-site staff person, the programs and activities of the Chamber. Represent the Wilcox County Chamber, regionally and nationally, as time and funds allow, promoting tourism opportunities and business growth. Work cooperatively on joint projects with the President of the Chamber, Board Members of the Chamber, and volunteers to accomplish established goals.

Establish annual planning goals, projects, and programs including a time-line for completion of work. Coordinate with the Board to develop and present a plan of operation, the annual budget, and the funding process. Oversee and develop office procedures and manage overhead costs within the approved budget.

Develop and maintain an active volunteer list. Coordinate and assign volunteer activities related to all projects and programs of the Chamber. Recruit additional volunteers as needed.

Facilitate membership campaigns. Coordinating the distribution and collection of member dues. Survey and address member needs and identify community program needs. Develop and oversee program implementation. Measure program effectiveness.

Work with local government, business, and other organizations to encourage economic development and growth in Wilcox County: (1) engage in the recruitment of new business to the area; (2) establish and maintain an up-to-date business recruitment listings; (4) distribute printed materials needed to market Wilcox County as a viable business climate to developers and prospective businesses; and (5) assist property owners and realtors in the marketing of vacant properties.

Supervise activities and educational programming related to Wilcox Works: (1) coordinate program marketing, client recruitment and training which aligns with business and industry needs leading to job placement of clients in area businesses; (2) develop a marketing plan that draws clients into the program; (3) develop a process to facilitate the follow-up of clients in the workforce development system; (4) develop individual action plans with clients to facilitate and monitor client progress toward employment goals; (4) maintain positive relations with other public, governmental and non-profit leaders with common interests in workforce development; and (5) understand competently state and federal workforce laws, regulations and practices, having an understanding of resource contacts and sites for increasing knowledge when needed.

Coordinate the creation of marketing materials for general distribution. Plan and attend events to heighten tourism, revitalization efforts, business retention and expansion programs, and infrastructure development. Utilize social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as a means of marketing the Chamber and its activities and programs. Maintain an up-to-date website with current calendar of events.

Supervise the efforts of part-time staff, Chamber Ambassadors, and other volunteers in responding to all inquiries for information and assistance. Ensure the Chamber office and Ferry Terminal are staffed during posted hours of operation. Maintain an accurate calendar reflecting information related to building rentals and Chamber activities.

Provide the members of the board of directors, Chamber Ambassadors, and others as appropriate with the leadership and tools they need to build membership in the Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce and to increase available funds.

Lead fund raising activities for the Chamber engaging volunteers to assist with obtaining program sponsorships.

Develop, execute, and document Chamber projects, activities and programs in the Wilcox area.

Provide routine communication with the President and Executive Committee of the Chamber and well as monthly reports to the Chamber Board.


Ability to work the irregular hours required for fulfilling position responsibilities.

Maintain fulltime residence in Wilcox County while employed as Executive Director.

Proven record of working effectively in an independent environment, demonstrating creative, entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving, enthusiasm, and proficient organizational skills.

Exhibits strong verbal and written communication skills. This position requires both verbal and written communication with Wilcox area citizens, business and city government leaders, and area media. Verbal communication duties may include fundraising, membership drives, media appearances, and program presentations. Written communication may include preparation of news releases, creation of brochures, letter writing, design of site maps, posts on social media, grant writing, and response to requests for information, quotes or proposals.

Demonstrated ability to work effectively with programs such as: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe, Excel, Power Point. Work may include: preparing member recruitment information, brochure design, coordinating information for the Chamber Webmaster, PowerPoint slides for presentations, etc.

General knowledge of budgeting and record keeping processes.

Demonstrated effective organizational skills in managing programs, activities, and office functions.

Demonstrated history of supervisor experience of employees and volunteers.

Successful fundraising experience in past work environment or with a volunteer organization.