Date set For “Fallen Prince” Play

The date has officially been set for the performance of the play, “Fallen Prince”. This play will be performed at 7pm on March 8th, 2018 at the Wilcox Central High School Auditorium. Fallen Prince is performed by Dr. Donald Stone, along with two Wilcox Central High School Student who perform a duet. The song is based on the heart-wrenching story of Michael and Phoebe’s owner, David Rumph, pulled up stakes in Abbeville, South Carolina, and started on a journey of almost 4 weeks to the new state of Alabama, settling in the heart of the fertile Black Belt, Wilcox County. Michael was left behind, because he belonged to a different master. Michael worked for 4 1/2 years, doing jobs at night, after his slave duties were finished, and finally bought his freedom. He immediately set out to reunite with Phoebe, and their 7 children, walking mostly at night to avoid any potentially treacherous confrontations. It is a play depicting the story of the Snow Hill Institute. This performance is open to the public and tickets are available for purchase for $5 (five dollars) each. Please contact the Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce by phone (334) 682-4929 or email for more information.