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2013 Crappie Derby – Final Results

The Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce’s sixth Crappie Derby ended on Sunday, May 12.  This year’s event enjoyed a record catch of tagged fish as participating anglers reeled in $34,400 in prize money.  33 of the 209 fish were caught.  Two of the five “big money” fish were redeemed along with 21 single tagged 2013 […]

$1000 Fish Caught in Derby


      Jim Lash of Saraland holds the 20th single tagged fish caught in the Crappie Derby.  Jim landed the fish this morning near the Miller’s Ferry Campground. The 20th fish netted Jim $1000!  Jim and his wife spend a week each spring at the Miller’s Ferry Campground and have fished in the Derby nearly every year.  This is […]

Crappie Derby Update – Day 27 – May 9

The 19th single tagged fish was reported at 10:50am Thursday morning.  It was caught by Jessica Marsh of Catherine while fishing off the bank at Miller’s Ferry Campground.  The next 2013 single tagged fish to be reported to 334-525-0462 will win $1000. There have been 19 single tagged fish redeemed for prize money, 9 caught by […]

Crappie Derby Update – Day 26 – May 8

There were no tagged fish catches on Wednesday.  Reports of fish caught by non ticket holders continue to come in.  We have received two more reports of catches, bringing the total the 9.  Anglers who declined to purchase a ticket have missed out on $3500 in winnings. There have been 18 single tagged fish redeemed […]